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Biology: Culturing

Posted by NeRdYGiRl on September 11, 2014 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

This is an experiment on culturing.  I am growing or "culturing" microorganisms.  The only supplies you will need to CULTURE (not observe the microoarganisms, that will require a microscope) are four containers darkened lids (this can be done by placing foil on top of the container if the lid is not dark) or jars with darkened glass, a pond, an egg yolk (hard-boiled), hay (dried grass is a perfect substitue as it is what I'm using), good soil, and uncooked white rice.  The procedure: 

Fill the jar halfway with pond water.  Add the yolk to one jar, two teaspoons of soil to the another, one teaspoon of hay/grass to the next, and two teaspoons of rice to the last jar.  Cover with foil if you need to darken the container (the reason for this is because the bacteria we are growing needs a dim to completly dark enviroment to survive).  

That's it!!!  In about 3-5 days the microorgansims should be highly cultured.  You can check out my culturing photos in the photo album section of tmy blog :) P.S. Don't forget to label your jars!!!!