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Homemade Pink Applesauce

Posted by NeRdYGiRl on October 2, 2014 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)


  So.  This week (and some of last) we have made applesauce and tomato sauce.  Tomato, not that interesting.  (We also gave applebutter a shot, came out well I believe).  Applesauce though, is a very intersting project.  

Now, before we  began making the applesauce using a "strainer" called the Squeezo Strainer, we had been making it the good old fasioned diy way.  Like as if making the applesauce at home wasn't diy-ish enough.  :p Anyway, we had heard a story from our friend about how her grandmother would make applesauce and everyone loved it but she refused to eat it simply b/c it had a pinkish tint to it.  At that point our sauce was completely normal looking, as in, no pink coloration AT ALL.  She was shocked to see that.  When we started up the process then this week, we used a Squeezo.  For those not familiar with the product, what you do is cook your apples down (we cored ours to make the separation from apple to skin would go faster), stick them in the top of the Squeezo, smash them down with the smashing tool, adnd crank the handle on the side.  The result is the "sauce" part comes out of the mesh area, and the skin and seeds come out of the side opposite the handle.  Because the skin and apple are first cooked together though, the result is a pinkish tinted applesauce.  There, I have solved the mystery :D 

Check the pics I shall soon upload under Pink Applesauce in my photo album!!!  

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Chick fil a: Cutest Baby in the World

Posted by NeRdYGiRl on September 9, 2014 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

     So yesterday I went to Chick fil a for the First Time Ever.  I got the Chick fil a Sandwich and waffle fries.  Opinion: YUM.  Yes, it was all good.  The sandwich was so big though, I think the fries could have been left out.  It so not like McDonald's where you get 5 fries per $1.19.  (This may be egsaderated...)   As for the service, 100% great.  The lady there was legit going to hypervenalate because she thought the baby was so cute.  Our two minute order took like seven..that's how much she liked her.  I mean when the baby smiled she was like, "Do you see her face? She's the Cutest Baby in the World!" ...Repeatedly. Then she got all her friends to look and was like, "Look, she's gonna smile!". Nonetheless, she was really nice.

   Something tells me that the majority of you have already been there.  Probably not so helpful but I thought I'd share my Service Story.  :) 

Indwen  ^ . ^